PDF Form Creation

Forget having to print forms, hand-write information, and scan the document back into the computer.  ActiveDraft can turn any form or document of varying formats (PDF, Word, Excel, etc.) into a PDF form that is able to be completed through any free PDF software. (Adobe Reader, Bluebeam Vu, Sumatra, Foxit, etc.)

Your customers will appreciate the ease in getting their information to you!

Pricing is $20.00 USD per page. Discounts at higher volumes.

Construction TECHNOLOGY

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Change integration

Construction projects, for many reasons, encounter multiple changes throughout their lifecycle.  No matter the form these changes are distributed in (Addendum, ASI, CCD, etc.), ActiveDraft can incorporate these additional drawings and statements into the construction documents as if they were there in the first place.

Pricing is on a per quote basis.



Flipping through documents page by page in search for the correct detail or specification section can take away time that can be spent doing more important tasks.  By hyperlinking details to their callouts, specification sections to their references within the plans, and webpages of important government services and project stakeholders, individuals are able to quickly navigate through these documents with the click of a mouse or tap of a screen.

Pricing is on a per quote basis.


ActiveDraft documents are 100% electronic.

This allows for:

          Multiple devices to access the same updated drawings and specifications from any location at any time.

          Instant updating from any location; no longer must a company physically access the on-site plans.

          Cheap maintenance; the cost of using employee time and company resources for change integration is unnecessary.

Paperless and interactive documents will continue to provide increased efficiency as new technologies develop.